What Is Eyebrow Microblading?

Learn what the hype is about in Youngsville, LA

Getting chic, even eyebrows is harder than it seems. But the struggle is over! Based in Youngsville, LA, Kenzie Bertrand - Micro & More offers eyebrow microblading services.

What is eyebrow microblading, you ask? Well, this treatment involves shaping and filling your eyebrows so they look amazing without any daily effort. But how long does microblading last? Your new brows will last for about one to three years.

We suggest getting a touch-up around six weeks after your appointment followed by additional touch-ups at six months and a year. Set up an appointment with us today. We also accept walk-ins.

Choose the right eyebrow style

Choose the right eyebrow style

You now have answers to your biggest questions: "What is eyebrow microblading?" and "How long does microblading last?" Your next question might be: "What will my eyebrows look like?" You'll be able to choose from a few different options to make sure your eyebrows fit your style. You can get a:

  • Natural look with original microblading services
  • Pronounced and dramatic look with powder brow services
  • Happy medium with combo brow services
Not sure about microblading? Ask to hear more about our new henna brow tinting and brow lamination services.

You can schedule a consultation with our team today for only $50 to discuss which style would work best based for your goals and skin type. If you get the procedure, we'll waive your consultation fee.